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Pending Sales: Moving Reminders

Here are a few reminders that might be helpful as you prepare to vacate the house.

  • It is important to identify a "DO NOT PACK DRAWER" in which you can store documents, pamphlets, warranties pertaining to the house, garage door opener(s), spare keys, special codes, etc. The movers have a habit of packing items not nailed down.
  • All Real Property (house, garages, outbuildings, etc.) need to be broom clean and free of debris; all personal belongings, unless they are being conveyed in the agreement of sale; need to be removed. (Check Paragraph 7)
  • Movers typically do not take gas grill tanks, paint, cleaning supplies, and other forms of hazardous waste. Paint is considered personal property; not all buyers want old paint. It is less costly for you to remove such items now.



  • Before you shut off any utilities and/or stop fuel deliveries, please notify your agent.
  • When vacating early, sometimes it is a good idea to shut off valves, disconnect water lines, discontinue alarm services, unplug appliances, etc. Please review this with you agent prior to your departure. It is important that the agent be aware of these things for the buyer’s pre-closing inspection. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your agent or us with any questions or vendor needs.

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